Thank you AllDeaf!


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During this period between the Canadian and American Thanksgiving Days, how about:

Thanks to AllDeaf! :ty:

Thanks to AllDeaf members for making this forum what it is.

Thanks for members caring about each other.

Thanks for members challenging each other to think.

Thanks for opening our eyes to new viewpoints.

Thanks for sharing experiences.

Thanks for sharing jokes, pictures and videos.

Thanks for sharing advice, information and "how to's".

Thanks to Alex for keeping AD free and running smoothly.

Thanks to the Mods for their thankless work of keeping AD relatively calm and spam free. (A special thanks to Calvin.)

Feel free to add your thanks. :ty:


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Thank you to AllDeaf for allowing me to meet some wonderful people- many have been very welcoming.

Thank you to Alex for creating AllDeaf- his 'baby'.

I'll even thank the very few posters past present and future who drive me nuts at times because that just keeps me real and teaches me tolerance and patience (when I have it).


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Thanks to AllDeaf for helping me find friends who last and are very real, both on the forum and off.


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There's a lot I have to be thankful to AllDeaf since coming here 7 years naïve about deafness and all...I appreciate all the members and of course the moderators and the owner, Alex....I've learned a lot...feel welcome...and "not in-between" as I did for many years.


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:ty: thank you to all the members and mods for-

-showing me new ways

-all the wonderful pictures and stories

-for being brave to share

-for all mod's hard work

- for making this place be what it is!


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I'm thankful for what I've learned here. The way people in the Deaf community view themselves is empowering.


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Can we save these Thanks for November 26th here in USA?

I am thankful for having my in-laws and family members including friends in Ontario including in Vancouver, B.C. in Canada.

I am thankful for having AllDeaf members being patient with me as I am outspoken of what I want to teach you about my Native Culture and tradition. You all put up with me, no matter what I say or do. I learned from you, too.

I want to thank Alex, the webmaster, for keeping AllDeaf as long as they can. Now I am worry about having Alex put new program again. I hope he put "like", even "dislike". Thank you, Alex.


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You're very welcome, happy to be part of the team to have a friendly environment in AllDeaf as well as taking care of spams.

Thanks to the Mods for their thankless work of keeping AD relatively calm and spam free. (A special thanks to Calvin.)

Feel free to add your thanks. :ty:


Thank you for the cat pictures, gifs, and memes most of all. :lol:

Actually thanks for the humor, discussions, and learning a lot about deaf/HOH/Deaf people in general...and helping me learn to get over my own hearing loss. :)


I'm thankful for finding this place when I did. I'm going through a lot right now and AD has been supportive, informational, and sometimes just helps you forget everything and laugh with new friends.


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For rhe lights. (Sparks a badass joint)
The laughs
And everything between...