Text (SMS) Walkie-Talkie or CB?


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Hello everyone! (Oooh! My first post! How exciting) LOL

I did some searching on these forums and found 1 thread in particular having to deal with this exact topic but all that was discussed was childrens toy walkie-talkies with a range of about 50 feet. That thread was also about 2 years old.

SO! Has there been any progress made in 2 years regarding a text-style walkie talkie?

This summer I will be a camp counselor at a Deaf camp and right now we have to have the hearing counselors as the only ones with the talkies that can facilitate the schedule we have in place. It would be immensely helpful if we had some talkies for the deafies! (and don't forget the hard of hearing!) In a bit of a dilemma... I've been searching online for a couple days now trying different search terms and I'm not finding much of anything...

Any help or idea's you might have would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!


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Thanks Bill!

I appreciate the link. I've passed it on to the powers that be. Apparently the device, T5SMS, you linked me is only a "concept" device and not actually in production. I emailed Motorola to ask more information and I got back some answer that had almost nothing to do with the questions I asked. Anyways, thanks again, I appreciate it!


I was hoping that someone who will invent the deaf talkie walkie device without service cost.? I want to text my elder mother every day without worry.
I don't want fancy device.....just simply like text and email ....

I remembered that I had "GetPeek" device. I loved it but it was no longer. That was 12 years ago. Sad.