Testing Edit Times


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Move along nothing to see here.

Plan to edit this post
1. Immediately after I post here we edit! :hmm: no tag 12:35 am
2. 5 minutes after I post. WELL missed this one...
3. 15 minutes and this one
4. 30 minutes - oops
5 60 minutes- boy I get distracted easily...
6. 12 hours+ later (if I remember)

so it is now 1:53 AM- just over 2 hours since I originally posted....And there's the edit line.

Want to see if or when the "Edited" tag shows up.
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*supports you in your scientific quest*

[edits: original was at 12:46 AM EST]
[current is .... well... just look below :P]
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*supports you in your scientific quest*
LOL I'll be back in five-ten minutes! 1:55 am

Now 2 AM...

there we are...

the "Edited at_____" doesn't show up until 5 minutes later it seems. Immediately after it's as if it's a brand new post still.

Thus concludes my little techy experiment.

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To add to this... The "Edit" function does disappear- 24 hours probably... as I just looked out of curiosity to see about editing the title. Well what a bummer.

Oh well. :)

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