Teaching a deaf child new concepts without visual aids...?



Just wondering if you guys can offer any ideas, suggestions, links to websites with more information etc

I am researching information on how you would teach new concepts to children (preschool/young age) using ASL without visual aids. I don't know if it would be the same as teaching a hearing child where you just communicate and they eventually start to pick up the concept.

Or parents, how do you teach your child at home to make sure they are understanding/grasping new concepts?

For example, you can point to a picture of a cow, - ball or a cup and show the sign. But signs for "remember" or "forget" it may be very simple but I haven't work with children so I just would like to know what people find and the most effective approaches.

I am trying to find more information to try to create and organize a curriculum for young child who are native ASL users.

All information and responses are appreciated!!!
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SO interested in this thread. I hope you get responses. I'm a mom of a deaf 6 month old, and have literally wondered the same thing!


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Eh. I doubt it works. I would probably be very confused!

I am not a teacher. I recall when I was in the elementary school, my teacher wrote words on the chalkboard, so we can study them. Yeah, it is a sort of a visual aids. My teacher described what it means and gave the examples without pointing to objects but she made facial expressions and used body language. She asked each of us in the class to make sure we understand what it mean. Does that count? *shrugs*


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The answer seems easy to me, by signing to them...

If you sign to them they will understand, just the same as if you speak to them

As a hearing parent of hearing kids, keep in mind they are kids and pick up everything from things you do.

My kids when they were that small we taught them things like farm, duck, bucket with books, bit whereas to hearing kids you say the words, you sign the concept.


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As an ASL instructor, I teach concepts like remember and forgot by creating situations for the signs to be used.

Ask Student A what Student B's name is.
If A knows the name, then sign YOU REMEMBER.
If A doesn't know the name, then sign YOU FORGOT.


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The above is very good idea. I would also make name tags and pin them with safety pins.
What about interactive toys?
You can buy cheap toys at dollar store or Value Village etc and use them in classroom. make sure they are age appropriate.
Always coloring drawing help to memorize better.
All sorts of visual aids are also readily available off Internet to re-print. Stick them next to the corresponding sign?