Students Looking for ASL buddies

Korey Geer

Anyone wanna practice asl.. I can help beginners or if someone is willing help me get use to ask grammar... Different Signing accents (styles).. and maybe new vocab idk about :) .. I have Skype.. fb.. and VP..thanks :)
I can help,please write back


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new here, and looking for fluent AS signers so i can learn more. ive been doing online college lessons, but it'd be easier to practice with a person, not a video. im not on here insta is your_angel143 hit me up..? :) i grew up doing sign so im am fairly versed, but still need help


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Hi, I'm sydney, im hearing and trying to become an interpreter and would love some help and would love having someone to practice with! I have Skype, snapchat, whichever is best for you!
I can help,please write back
Hi, my name is Danielle. I think that's really nice that you offer help to ASL beginners. If you have any free time I have some questions. I started learning ASL a few months ago bc I have a condition where it is painful to talk for a long period of time. I'd like to meet others that know sign language so I don't have to use my voice! lol. Please lmk thank you :wave: