Students Looking for ASL buddies

I am looking for some help with ASL. I am in middle school right now and we don't have sign language, but there is a new kid and she is deaf. I felt so bad not being able to talk to her comfortably and am looking for help to learn.
I downloaded (for the iPhone) ASL Dictionary and Mimix3D. They have been helping me a lot in ASL. Good luck.


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I'm hearing. I can't really speak for Deaf people. I've noticed many hearing people use it to practice. And from the Deaf people I did interact with, some do some don't. Some use other programs with similar concepts. I think @DeafNerdMommy had said some people were switching to Marco Polo.
Hey Damian, if you're on Glide, send me your ID and I'll make a group we can all practice.
Hi, I would love to join this group if it’s up, or practice with anyone on Glide or Skype. I’m working through the Lifeprint courses online and would very much like some practice outside inconsistently trying to teach my husband & son. My Glide ID is @danirs & Skype is danicalling.
im new to ASL and i could really use a signing buddy! im willing to help others the best i can, no promises it will be correct though. my glide ID is @ ovqkrzh. have a good day!