Students Looking for ASL buddies


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Hey guys!
I'm trying to learn ASL and am taking a class next semester. Would anyone want to skype or glide for some practice!

Fair warning I'm pretty new at it but super eager to learn!

Ri Sol

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Me too. I have to admit that I am in a chat and I am extremely under experienced. They sign so well and quickly and I'm like, WILL I EVER UNDERSTAND.
In Glide you can review the video several times, and make pauses when they fingerspell :)
I don't like Skype, because you have to set the time for a call, in Glide you can message, and view the message anytime.


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hi, i'm a college student whose teaching herself asl currently. been studying for about 6 months now and seriously considering going back to school to be an interpreter. i am hearing and know some sign (also some home sign probably also) because my mom is hoh. looking for people who are intermediate signers (you've mastered the basics of a conversation) looking to push their vocabulary, fingerspelling reception, etc. reply to this if you want to skype me or add me on skype: casey.ximena