Students Looking for ASL buddies

Hi my name is Kayleene. I'm still really new with ASL so I'm looking to make friends and meet other people who sign since you can't really get better without practice. I have Skype and glide but I'd prefer glide! My username is kwopershall on glide if you wanna practice!
Hello... I am an ASL Student, wanting to become an interpreter. I am currently in ASL 2, as well as Intro to Deaf Culture Studies. I would love to have someone to practice with as I was told I would need to submerse myself in the community in order to become an interpreter.
If anyone would like to add me, you are more than welcome to. I am 31, male, live in San Diego. Thank you all
Skype name: Medic_Dave
Hey I'm a beginner and would love someone to practice with! I've taken two semesters but that was a while ago so I'm a bit rusty. It seems everyone has Skype here so I guess I'll have to make one soon lol I promise I'm a fast learner
Hi, I am deaf and new to this forum :) I have some basic ASL skills - want to get better at it, and also make some friends. If you wanna practice with me, my skype id is jcbrown525.
Hi, I'm new to this group and just back into signing after having to take a few years off for wrist surgeries. I'm so happy to be back, I'm ASL 2 level and really want to practice and get the rust off, I miss signing a lot. I have glide, skype and facetime. Let me know if anyone is up for signing a few nights a week for 30 min or so. I'm up for practice! Thanks!
Hi there! I took some ASL classes in high school and have been trying to teach myself as much as i can because i really like the language. It has been hard for me to transition from basic sentences to holding a conversation. If anyone would be willing to chat with me via Skype that would be great!