Students Looking for ASL buddies


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Hello all!
I would say that I'm a level 2 ASL student (I've been teaching myself with books and online resources). I'm working on being conversational as well as fluency in general. If anyone wants to practice, just shoot me a message. I have Skype and Glide.

Can't wait to talk to you☺


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I have Skype! If anyone would like to add me, it's rayweyhey. I'm a beginner, so my signing sucks, but I'd still like to learn! Shoot me a message and I'll answer whenever I can :)


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Oooh, this is what I was looking for! I don't know much ASL and really want to learn more over Skype and what not.


Wow! This is great. I'm a beginner teaching myself online, looking for someone to practice with! Let me know if you're interested. I have Skype.


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I would love to have someone to practice with. I am going to school to be an interpreter, please contact me if you're interested!
hi I am a social work major with an ASL concentration. I would love to practice. I know the basic off of Youtube thats it. please help me practice.


Belgian ASL noob
Anyone in the mood to teach me a few words later on today or to see if I managed to retain any info ?