Strange legal action pursued from day care

One of my friends works at a day care. One of the family that utilized day care has 4 kids. They've decided that it has became too much money and quit day care. Apparently at about the same time, one of the workers at day care got a job working as a nanny for that family.

The boss running day care is very upset. She feels that the worker stole client away from day care. When the boss found out that the worker got a job working as a nanny for the family, she fired the worker on the spot. She said that the worker is not welcomed at day care center any more.

She also demanded that other workers sign a document to NOT have any contacts with that one particular worker. My friend refused to sign it.

If the boss wants to sue, then I have no idea what she can sue for.


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I don't blame them for firing her. Taking that work was a conflict of interest as she was in direct competition with her employer. As for requiring the other workers not to have contact? That seems pretty unreasonable. If they are in an "at will" state she could get fired but I doubt she could be successfully sued.


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Signing a non-competitor contract is common in many businesses. When I worked for an interpreting agency I had to sign one.

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