Stack Exchange Proposal


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Hello everybody,

I guess some of you will know
For those who don't: It's a website of Questions and Answers, working for sharing knowledge and where everything is community driven. It's divided by sites, each with a specialized topic.
Recently I realized there's no site within StackExchange for ASL. There is, though, for many other (oral) languages. It will probably help a lot spreading knowledge about ASL to create such site.

In case you are interested, you can find the proposal on

PS: Note there's no personal gain for me of any kind. I don't work for StackExchange nor own the project.


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Hmm... I'll look at it. I read Stack Overflow for all my coding needs (even though half of it are wrong/bad answers and outdated answers)...I can't make comments-- you're only allowed to ask questions or answer questions if you know the answer; you cannot comment on a question or answer until you have 50 rep points (so stupid). Some places are toxic to poor newbies too.