Springfield/joplin area... kittens for sale


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We have 4 kitten (they are 6 1/2 weeks old), $200 a kitten, they are bred for design. You can make an offer. I can answer any questions. The male (father cat) is special breed, and the kittens would be considered his specific breed (but since we lost his paperwork in a tornado. I know the father is a third generation). We picked the mom because her colors complimented him, and her genes do carry similar looks, she carries munchkin genes as well but I can't guarantee any will be munchkins.

Since we have a child, they are all pretty much used to being picked up and used to being around kids. I have to say even though we have one odd ball, he has become my favorite. He acts so tough, like he is gonna maul you but then barely pulls his nails out or teeth. He is so soft and they all love to cuddle. (the first photo is a swirled designed kitten, and the other two are of the odd ball fluffy kitten). They all have thumbs, like the father, they use them. They are all big on climbing and or jumping. Defined muscles. (Our cat (the male/father) when we adopted him, I kid you not, he sat with us for meals and wouldn't eat unless he had his own CLEAN fork or spoon. And yes he did hold it with both paws)

Most of the pictures are too large of a file too upload. I will send you pictures or videos of them. Which I swear their cuteness will melt your heart. The people I work with are not cat people (we live in a hunting town so everyone has dogs) and they melted when I showed them.

I am wanting to use profits to save for a Queen to breed so I can start making money other than my job. I will be going to school soon so I am trying to create income where ever I can. And I feel like I should add, I do not keep and will not keep cats in cages for breeding. We have a space just for the cats (its a room inside our bedroom), they get to be free in the house. I treat my cats (and the kittens) with respect. `20171103_171445 (2).jpg 20171103_171708 (2).jpg 20171103_171948 (2).jpg