Speeding up in a new space

Hi all,
So i just did a big move from NJ to PA Scranton/ Carbondale area. As we came in my hearing went wonky i assumed it was an altitude thing since i was now in the mountains and once my ears popped it would be fine. Only after the popping happened but no relief from the clogged feeling. The feeling I thought was due to the altitude began to feel and sound like my hearing loss has worsen. Its almost 2 weeks later and im struggling again, vertigo episodes, missing things and genuinely frustrated. I first found out i had HL in dec 2016, new audi in April, end of april/near start of may first HA in, july retest confirmed it worsened and my H.A. Had to be adjusted. Now its Sept and its the same problem all over again. I'm even more overwhelmed when there is alot of noise(conversation, tv, kids playing,)at one time. I know reverse slope HL fluctuates but so far its only gotten worse. As soon as i can im trying to go to an audiologist out here. I'm just afraid it's more bad news. I miss the deaf and hoh people i was getting to know in N.J.


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I hope you can get some answers and relief from the clogged feeling soon. Could it be allergies?
No took allergy meds just incase nothing changed. The clogged feeling has happened only around the times something i noticed was wrong/ odd with my hearing or worsening with my H.L. The auditory overload has never been this severe. Its making me sign more because it's starting to feel...Natural i guess is the right word.