"So You Think You Can Dance" goes to Phoenix- deaf dancer

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    "So You Think You Can Dance" goes to Phoenix

    Allison Becker was one of the more memorable auditioners from Phoenix. She danced a contemporary solo but here's the catch, she's deaf. She wants to be a role model for other deaf dancers and show them that it is possible. Lythgoe loved watching her performance and would like her technique to improve, but said he would never have guessed she was deaf musicality wise. Murphy took a more personal side to her performance. "My cousin was in the same position that you are in life and you are a beautiful inspiration because you didn't give up. So many people don't make it and she didn't. She gave up at your age and is no longer with us. But you have to understand that what you're doing today is going to make a tremendous difference." Michaels went on to ask "What is it that inspires you to dance? For me it's music which I find so powerful. What is it for you?" Becker responded by saying "For me it's music too, I just feel it differently." The judges put her through to choreography, and later moved her onto Vegas.
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    good for her, however, the judges acted like it was a miracle or something....I went progressivly deaf while i was a professional ballerina and was sucessful in my career. Now i am still deaf, but work as an OR nurse. Is anyone going to come to work place and applaud me? Havent had one yet.


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