So my friends and I went to PA *pics 56k warning*


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i seeen that each pics that u took were fullest of old hags and old farts in nice cars.. :eek:


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hahahaha lol noticed about 98% of the drivers saw u takin pics of em ha lol while the rest just minded their own beeswax drivin' ha


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Hey kevbo, what the heck about this?? you trying minc from steel always posts come up with stupid comics like this!?

Pure Ion

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Edit- Just take pictures of the drivers going crazy in their car after u play games (speeding up and then drastically slowing down in front of them, not letting them pass)


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cool pics.. i will do that next time ;D and btw, i pass more cars than you do. you said you took pic of EVERY cars you pass. and thats few cars u passed. :P