So my friends and I went to PA *pics 56k warning*



YOu must be that bored!!! Why don't you next time have someone drive, and you just moon your ass to them, have someone in the back take pictures of their reactions. I have a friend who does that - mooning his ass to people.


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LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ OMGGGG!!!! Chase and everything. Man!

I would like to see if people done something on the side of the road and stuff. :D That'll be funny. I dont know if any of u watch MAURY, this 1 guy I forgot his name.. he will DARE himself to go to the car who having sex.. EVERY car .... some of them shot him and stuff.....and HE STILL CONTIUNE after getting out of the hospital... CRAZY!!!!


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And... you say I have too much free time counting the "R"s? You obviously have way too much free time on your hands! :crazy:


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Originally posted by pimpdaddyposse
I will never do that to other people especially the mexican ppl, cuz one time my bro's ex gf show "I love you" in ASL to mexican while driving... the mexican were pissed off though we insulted them or something.. I had to drive faster to the police station and blast the horn...then they left... not even funny but hope nothing happen to u...


:rofl::laugh2::rofl: i think it so funny.. i was with kevbo to PA for Flea Market... kevbo just enjoy taking pix while we drive by..
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:laugh2::laugh2: That was funny to see some of those people's puzzled looks :laugh2: I wonder what they were thinking after realizing that their pixes were taken :rofl:


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Most of them smiling and waving after taking a picture of them.
One of them, he gave me a "y" sign. I was laughing so hard.


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Speaking about the looks on people's faces, I remember 1 person on this board flashing a car on the way home from Gally in Oct 2001...LOL.