So annoyed about that deaf chat room

I also can't find where it was to post on it, so that adds to my annoyance!

I figured I'd give it a good try today. Not that many people have come in. I say hi when I am able to catch someone. All I have said was hi and I got banned. So darn annoyed. If I just login every half an hour to see if anyone is there, I miss everyone so I thought I'd hang out for the day there to try to have conversations. What a waste of time and effort.


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That's weird....

Whoever gets on first is the Mod, so if it's empty when you arrive...that's you. :) I used to check all the time to see if anyone was on, but I've quit doing that and now I just try to sign in every Sunday evening, around 7:00 CST. Usually empty, but I figure "If you build it, they will come". :) A couple weeks ago, Calvin and I got on and I think 1-2 other people ended up joining us. Had a great conversation! :)

Note: It's helpful when everyone uses their AllDeaf name. Makes it easier to tell who is who. Maybe they didn't know who you were, Eater of Worlds? :)


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sound look likes Tinychat or websites. contact to owner complaint to suspense host

you don't uncomfortable to person. you should be tell contact to mod..wise you tell report!


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I used this name, so that wasn't it.
Probably just some weirdo then who thought it would be fun to ban people. Don't worry about it. Moderator changes every time.

I was part of another TinyChat group once and we had strangers not in the group come in and spam or cause trouble...or people not mature enough to moderate signing in first and getting mod privileges and then not keeping the rules. Ended up having to make some permanent moderators.


a deaf chat room called tinychat??? or which site are you talking about? you didn't say.
Ihaven't found any...except one I forgot name of.