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I'm kind of new here, but while I was writing my intro post, I remembered my first experience with sign language, at age 8, while watching The Smurfs. It's odd what you remember after 25 years, isn't it? ;)

Anyway, I searched for mention of it on the fora and found Liza and Pinky and PowerON had said a little something about it. I thought it would be good to give it its own thread

I did some searching. Amazing what you can find on the internet, isn't it? ;) It's uploaded here, and the video is about 11 minutes long. The site is Japanese, and unfriendly to Firefox, but if you open it in IE, and press play, it works just fine. The video is in English (and ASL for the signing), but there are no CC. I couldn't figure out how to download it, or I'd put it up on YouTube with CC myself. I did, however, make a transcript. Laconia isn't deaf, but she is mute, and signing is her only way of communicating. I think it's a really beautiful approach to this, especially considering the target audience (little kids).

Here's the transcript. I'm interested in hearing what people think about it from whichever perspective.

[In the forest, smurfs are gathered. Cuckoo cuckoos]
Papa: Ah, the very first cuckoo of spring, and that means, my little smurfs that today is the day that we celebrate the rite of spring festival with dancing, music, and poetry.
Smurfs: HOORAY!
Papa: Poet, your role in the festival is the most important one of all. In accordance with the Great Smurf Almanac, you must compose a special poem to spring, and recite it for us at sunset.
[Cuckoo cuckoos]
Poet: Count on me, Papa Smurf. It will be the most beautiful poem ever smurfed.
[Cuckoo continues to cuckoo]
[At Gargamel's house]
Gargamel: Here it is, Azrael, the most powerful potion I have ever concocted! I think I'll call it "Sweet Silence." [cackles]
[Azrael cackles]
[Gargamel and Azrael are wandering in the forest with the spayer of Sweet Silence]
Gargamel: All we need now, Azrael, is a victim.
[Cuckoo cuckoos]
[Sprayer puffs a black cloud which envelops Cuckoo]
[Cuckoo is silent]
Gargamel: IT WORKS! MY SWEET SILENCE WORKS! Ho-ho, now to find those chattering Smurfs! I can hardly wait NOT to hear them. [cackles]
[Poet sits among flowers, composing his poem]
Poet: [clears throat] The first sign of spring / Is the song the birds sing, / When the whole world-
Gargamel: [Leaping out of a bush] What garbage! It's a pity those revolting words are the last you'll ever speak.
Poet: Garga-!
[Azrael screams and Gargamel cackles as they chase Poet]
Gargamel: He can't even cry for help!
[Cuckoo dive-bombs Gargamel]
Gargamel: [Falling] What in the? - Oof!
[Azreal screams, still chasing Poet. Poet jumps into a hole in a tree root and Azrael bonks his head]
Gargamel: Curse you, Cuckoo! You let the blue menace get away!
[At Smurf Village, Smurfette, Greedy, Hefty and Vanity are talking]
Vanity: Well, if you ask me, I say-
[Poet runs in, jumping up and down silently.]
Smurfette: What's wrong, Poet?
[Poet tries to talk and points at his throat]
Hefty: Something is smurfed in your throat? I'll help you pull it. [Grabs Poet by the ankles and tries to shake it out] Feel better yet, old pal?
[Poet is hopping angrily, starts to mime]
Vanity: What is he doing?
Smurfette: I think he's trying to tell us something.
[Poet pulls up cat ears from his hat]
Smurfs: Azrael! [gasps] Gargamel!
[Papa is with Brainy in his hut studying a book]
Papa: Even more amazing, there is only one way the spell can be broken.
[Cuckoo taps on window sill]
Papa: Well, hello, little friend. Have you a song for me today?
[Cuckoo tries to sing, but is silent]
Papa: Oh, dear. I've never seen a cuckoo who couldn't cuckoo before.
[The Smurfs from outside enter]
Smurfette: Papa Smurf! Papa Smurf! Gargamel has done something to Poet's voice!
[Poet opens mouth and points]
Papa: Hmm, it must be some kind of spell. Open your mouth. Gargamel, eh? Perhaps he did the same thing to this little cuckoo.
[Cuckoo nods]
Smurfette: Aw, the poor thing.
Papa: Well, Poet, I'll get to work on a remedy. First, I must find out exactly what kind of a spell Gargamel used.
[Poet points to his rolled up parchment]
Smurfette: Oh, Papa Smurf, how is Poet going to recite his poem for the Rite of Spring Festival?
Papa: Have no fear, my little smurfs. I know someone who can help Poet speak even without his voice, my good friend Laconia, the wood elf.
Smurfette: Speak without using his voice?
Vanity: That's impossible!
Papa: [Writing a letter] No, my little smurfs, you'll soon find it is very possible indeed. [Rolls up and gives letter to Cuckoo] Please take this letter to Laconia in Wood Elf Grove.
[Cuckoo flies out the window with letter]
Vanity: Speaking without your voice? [chuckling] now that's something I've got to see.
[Smurfs sitting around playing cards]
Vanity: -So then I said, "What do you think I am? Just another beauty mark on the face of the earth?"
Hefty: That's tellin' 'em, Vanity!
Clumsy: Uh, you said it!
Smurfette: Oh, Vanity, you're so- [spies Poet, sitting alone, looking sad] oh, poor Poet. He must feel so- left out.
Random Smurf: Here comes Laconia!
[Laconia flies in on a stork, followed by cuckoo]
Smurfs: [Gather round and cheer] HOORAY!
[Cuckoo lands by Poet, both smile. Laconia dismounts]
Papa: Welcome, Laconia!
Smurfette: Oh, we're so glad you've come to visit.
Clumsy: Oh, gosh, you're the prettiest little wood elf I've ever seen!
[giggles nervously]
[Laconia demures]
Hefty: Why doesn't she say something, Papa Smurf?
Papa: Because, my little smurfs, Laconia is mute. She cannot speak with her voice.
Smurfs: [comprehending] Oh!
Papa: But she has smurfed a very special way to talk with her friends, and they with her. It's called sign language.
[Laconia signs CALL SIGN LANGUAGE]
Papa: It's called sign language.
Smurfs: [impressed] Oh!
Papa: With sign language, a smurf you cannot speak or hear will not have to feel left out of the conversation.
[Poet and cuckoo are cheered by this]
Papa: Anything you can smurf out loud, you can smurf just as beautifully with signs.
Smurfette: Anything?
[Laconia nods]
Smurfette: Oh, then how would you sign, uh [sees butterfly] a butterfly?
[Laconia signs BUTTERFLY flutteringly]
Smurfs: [in awe] Oh!
Hefty: [pointing to cuckoo] What's the sign for bird?
[Laconia signs BIRD]
Smurfs: Ah...
Clumsy: Uh, what's the sign for cat, like that mean ol' nasty Azrael?
[Laconia signs CAT with eyes narrowed]
Smurfs: [falling back] OH!
Clumsy: Oh, yup, that sure looks like Azrael alright.
Brainy: Smurfs! Smurfs, words like bird and cat are amusing, but you're forgetting the most important word in the entire universe: SMURF!
[Laconia puzzles and thinks]
Papa: Some words, Brainy, you must think up a new sign to describe what you mean.
[Laconia has thought of a sign. She holds her hands over her head, fingers nearly touching, to indicate the smurf hat]
Smurfette: Oh, Laconia! That's a perfect sign for smurf!
Smurfs: Yeah. [all sign SMURF]
Papa: And if you want to sign some smurf's name, you just pick out the sign for some characteristic that makes that smurf unique. Take Hefty Smurf, for instance.
[Laconia signs flexing her biceps, SMURF]
Hefty: Hey! That's a great sign for my name. [signs HEFTY-SMURF]
Greedy: [chews and swallows a pastry] I'll bet you it'll take you a little while to smurf up a name sign for me. [finishes pastry in one]
Papa: [chuckles] Laconia says that will be easy.
[Laconia signs rubbing her stomach with open hand, SMURF]
[All laugh]
Greedy: That's me alright. [signs GREEDY-SMURF] Greedy Smurf.
Grouchy: [Pushes Baby Smurf in stroller] I hate asking, but what about Baby Smurf?
[Laconia signs BABY SMURF. Baby Smurf copies while babbling. Smurfs laugh. Poet indicates himself]
Papa: Ah, yes, it's time we started translating Poet's poem for the Rite of Spring Festival. Come, let's find somewhere quiet.
[Papa, Poet, and Laconia exit]
[Papa, Poet, Laconia, and Cuckoo are sitting in a clearing]
Papa: Now remember, Poet, you can express just as much feeling with sign language as you can with your voice.
Gargamel: [Leaping from bushes with a net] Well, well, well! Mind if I join your little party?
Papa: Run!
[All scatter as Gargamel tries to capture them. He succeeds in catching Laconia in the net.]
Gargamel: [Laughing] Gotcha! Well, well, well. What have we here? [Inspects Laconia in the net] A friend of the smurfs?
[Laconia nods]
Gargamel: Splendid, then you can tell me how to get to their village.
[Laconia points at her throat and shakes her head]
Gargamel: You won't talk? Well, I have ways to make you talk. Many, many ways! [Exits with Laconia, cackling]
Papa: Poor Laconia! We must rescue her.
[Papa, Poet, and Cuckoo follow]
[At Gargamel's door, Azrael is sleeping. Papa, Poet, and Cuckoo peer out of a bush.]
Papa: If we are to succeed in rescuing Laconia, we must first find a way to get past Azrael.
[Cuckoo indicated itself and flies off]
Papa: That's a brave Cuckoo.
[Cuckoo dive-bombs Azrael. Azrael screams and chases after it.]
Papa: [whispering] Quickly, Poet, let's go.
[Papa and Poet run towards a window]
[Inside Gargamel's lab, a cauldron is brewing on a fire with steam issuing from it, Laconia is in a cage. Gargamel is studying a book.]
Gargamel: Well, well, well. Being the Soft-hearted, generous wizard that I am, I, Gargamel will give you the ability to speak. [Throws handful of leaves into the cauldron, which sparks wildly] And in your gratitude, I'm sure you'll be only too glad to tell me how to get to the Smurf Village. That's only fair, isn't it?
[Laconia crosses her arms and shakes her head.]
Gargamel: In that case, I shall make you talk! [He takes the cauldron and puts it under the cage so that Laconia is enveloped in the steam] I think you shall soon warm up to the idea, my silent little friend. [cackles]
[Laconia is very frightened]
[Papa and Poet enter through the window]
Gargamel: Hmm, for the spell to work, this incantation must be spoken aloud.
Papa: [whispers to Poet] Now's our chance.
[Papa and Poet jump onto the bellows of the Sweet Silence sprayer, puffing out a black cloud of the potion]
Gargamel: Lip of lizard, tongue of hen [is enveloped by the Sweet Silence] What in the? [coughing] I'll get you, you miserable little Sm- [choking]
Papa: Now you know how it feels to have no voice, Gargamel.
[Gargamel reaches to grab the smurfs.]
Papa: Stop! If you harm us, Gargamel, there will be no one to recite the incantation, and you'll never speak again.
[Gargamel stops and grabs his throat in fear]
Papa: Set Laconia free, and I'll recite the incantation.
[Gargamel opens the cage and Laconia leaps out, joining the smurfs]
Papa: Good, now, everyone gather around. You, too, little bird!
[Cuckoo enters and perches on book]
Papa: Lip of lizard, tongue of hen, speechless Poet, speak again!
Poet: [Breathes in the steam, coughs, clears throat] It's working!
Papa: Songless Cuckoo, sing again!
[Cuckoo breaths in the steam and starts to cuckoo. Azrael appears at the window]
Papa: Lip of lizard, tongue of hen, speechless wizard, speak again!
[Gargamel breathes in the steam. Azrael enters though the window. Laconia spies him.]
Papa: And now, to give you a voice, Laconia.
[Laconia shakes her head and signs CAT]
Papa: A cat?! Where?
[Laconia indicates Azrael. Azrael attacks, knocking over the cauldron, spilling the contents on the book as the little ones scatter. The book is burned illegible]
Poet: Oh, no! Now Laconia will never be able to speak!
Gargamel: No, but I will. And now, for one of my favorite phrases: Get them, Azrael!
[Azrael screams and runs at the little ones]
Papa: This way and hurry!
[The little ones run towards the window, jumping on the Sweet Silence sprayer on their way out, puffing a black cloud at Azrael. Azrael screams and runs away, avoiding the cloud]
[The little ones run away from the castle]
Gargamel: [chasing after with net and sprayer, and Azrael at his heel] You'll never escape me this time! And I shall see to it that you never speak another word the rest of your miserable lives. [cackles]
[The little ones are chased to the end of a log in the middle of a bog, Gargamel and Azrael on the other end]
Gargamel: Capturing you now will be as easy as falling off a log!
[Cuckoo flies at them and knocks them into the bog with the net and sprayer. The little ones run past, escaping]
Papa: You can always count on Gargamel to make a big splash!
[A smurf-filled audience faces a stage garished with flowers]
Papa: Laconia, I can never thank you enough for saving my life. I only wish we could have saved the formula to give you a voice.
Smurfette: We're all very sorry, Laconia.
[Laconia signs]
Papa: Laconia says not to feel sad, because she's happy just the way she is.
Poet: Thank you, Thank you. I shall now recite my poet to spring in both smurf language and sign language.
Smurfs: OOH!
Brainy: Pst, but Poet, you don't need sign language now. You got your voice back.
Poet: I know, but smurfing in sign language is so beautiful. [Clears throat. Recites, while signing]
The first sign of spring
Is a song the birds sing
When the whole world gets a fresh start.
But no words can convey
What a smile has to say
To a smurf,
[all sign SMURF]
Poet: It's a song from the heart. [Bows]
Smurfs: [cheer and applaud] YAY!
Poet: Laconia, how do you say, "I love you," in sign language?
[Laconia signs I LOVE YOU]
Poet: [signs I LOVE YOU] And I love you, too.
[They hug]
Smurfs: [cheer and applaud] YAY!


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Thank you for posting the transcript. I am amazed you also provided the details for the Deafblind residents of AllDeaf.

I am going to see what it will take to download it though.


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Figured out how to download it in a .flv format. :)

Do you want me to do a SDH (Subtitle for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing) or closed caption it? Or do you want to do it yourself for the full credit? I can take the burden of closed captioning it now that I have the transcript and is aware what word is associated with what sound. :)

It's up to you.


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Thank you for posting the transcript. I am amazed you also provided the details for the Deafblind residents of AllDeaf.
Figured out how to download it in a .flv format.

Do you want me to do a SDH (Subtitle for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing) or closed caption it? Or do you want to do it yourself for the full credit? I can take the burden of closed captioning it now that I have the transcript and is aware what word is associated with what sound.

It's up to you.
You're welcome. It was a slow stream, so I figured doing a detailed script would let people read it even if they couldn't view it. I hadn't considered that it would be useful to the deafblind, but of course, it would. :) I'd put the action details in so the deaf could make sure that what they were reading in the script matched up with what was going on in the video. See, now I learned another something about the community. :ty:
Fantastic! I'm thrilled that you were able to get a copy of it. I've never done captioning before. Actually, I've never even dealt with doing any more with a video than uploading one that was all ready to go. But I've read the FAQs about captioning on YouTube. If you're comfortable doing the captions, please, feel free. I think it would be much easier for the D/HH to watch if it were SDH/CC. (I'm not clear of the difference between SDH and CC for a video on the internet.)


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I got up to 6:06. And got 10:29-10:50 done. I had up to 8:00 done, but forgot to save it before I lost the data. :P Think I am going to take a break, before tackling the remaining 4:15 minutes.

Thank you for letting me use your transcript. :)


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Closed captioned and credited the transliteration to mandydax:

[ame=]YouTube - Smurfing In Sign Language[/ame]

It took about 5 hours to sync it with the video... No wonder why people say it takes about 3 hours for every minute of the video to provide closed captioning! First you gotta transcribe it, then you need to sync it. On top of that, you need to make sure all the sound that a Deaf person would miss out on is intact via text.


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No. Thank YOU! You are the beast of burden here.

When it come to spoken languages, I am completely lost unless I have a transcript in front of me-- then I am able to tether the weird noises I hear to the actual words that I am familiar with.


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You're welcome. I'm glad people are liking it so much. Being so long ago, sometimes I forget how much I watched the Smurfs, but actually, I remember now in my third-grade picture, I was wearing a Smurfs t-shirt. No dressing up nice for this kid! :rofl:


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Thank you so much for sharing and your hard work for transcripting this. I enjoyed watching that esipode and don't think I have seen that one before. I remember watching smurfs back in the 80's. :) That was a cool esipode.


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Anyone have a copy of this video? Lost mine due to a crash in my system. Was gonna show this to a friend of mine, but apparently the video got removed by the user.