Skype or video chat?


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Hello my name is Madeline and I’m learning ASL! I talk and sign so PSE is what I use, I would like to practice my signing skills to get better. Also, whoever reaches out I’ll tell you my story on why I became legally blind and Hard of Hearing! Text me before you FaceTime me to tell me who you are-

Old Analog

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Old Analog here, Skype have, slowly gone from H/H to deaf, ASL fluent not, no one to sign with , Glide I know not, technologically challenged, just got e-mail down, in NW Ark. Central time zone have connection most days noon til three, I'll have to check and see what my Skype is used it once last year might be my e-mail


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Hello I need someone to sign with to improve my asl. My Skype is northsidegirl2 and glide is Anasaja Funches..... I can take all the help I can get