Skype, ooVoo, Etc...

Hey! :wave:

I'm just checking to see who would like to Skype. I'm late-deafened. I used to be fluent, then my signing became a bit rusty. I'm looking for anyone who is wanting to learn or practice with someone, or someone who wouldn't be opposed to helping me regain my ASL skills.

I'm chronically ill so I'm stuck in bed most of the time bored out of my mind. That means though I'm almost always available to chat.

If anyone is interested, either PM me or you can add me on Skype or ooVoo. My username for both is the same.


If you add me on either, please let me know that you're from AllDeaf.

22 y/o, Female, California, Deaf



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purple3 skype

Hello, my name is Heidi I live in Oregon and I go to the university here I have been taking asl and would love to have someone to video chat with please let me know when and if your available. Thanks so much!