*sigh*...female and male interpretors...


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I totally agree with you,What you should have done is to have everything explained to you,then the Interpreter can leave the room,then when your finish getting dress again,then ask the interpreter to come back and continue the conversation...no big deal...according to the doctor themselfs,if its a male or female,it doesn't really matter.men do get undress in front of a doctor of the opposite sex,it should not be embassing to anyone...because...they are your doctor and they are there to keep you heathy and to help you.otherwise I do see what your saying if it was someone else.
I've no problem with male/female doctors...the problem I had was:...I was having a physical, and had some questions to ask my doctor that were private and personal (female issues)....So, I requested a "female" terp, as I am female. I did not feel comfortable discussing my female issues in front of a "strange Male Terp". Inasmuch, a female Terp would know and understand my issues. I do not discuss female issues in front of Males, unless it's my Doctor.