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So solid stainless lines for the lenth of the camper then and braided on the ends?
on front, the rears are solid to the drums since there is no flex like the front that's needed for steering. The braided lines just add protection to wear and tear from flexing and exposed to the elements. Except for a small section from the main line to the junction at the axle.
Hi! I want to ask you about your car insurances. How much do you pay now?
I pay $140/month for full coverage on my SUV. No tickets, no accidents. I'm in CA, and after a ton of shopping around, this was the lowest quote. Where you live will deeply affect the price..Try to search optimal tariff here, good service.
It's my 2017 Mazda 6 Sedan during, I moved in Florida for new life. (Goodbye, California and Hello, Florida)

IMG_0499 XXX.png

My plan to mod my car soon like that image. lowering springs, 20-inches rim wheel package and tint windows.
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