Should deaf studies(history/culture) and asl classes be offered at all american public schools?

Should Deaf Studies (Culture/History/Language) be mandatory for public schools to offer in America?

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  • Yes, but only in areas with high Deaf population

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Hello, my name is Candice Smith. I have had friends through the years who are deaf and I myself was diagnosed with Méniére's in 2010, I believe I have it easy compared to some others I've met with the same, mine is not as active, but when it rears it's ugly heard, its very aggravating and even painful and disrupting to my life. I am a Mathematics: Secondary Education major at Appalachian State University. I am in a Foundations of Education class and have to complete an inquiry project about a social justice issue of my choosing. I thought about my connection to the Deaf community and how growing up in school I was never offered the opportunity to learn more about Deaf culture and history and important figures in Deaf history. I also was never given the opportunity to take ASL as a foreign language in public school. I wonder if others feel the same as I do. I'm extremely curious on the opinions of those who are deaf, Deaf, or Hard-of-hearing. I don't know why I didn't think to post this earlier, but the project is due tomorrow night. So, please anyone who can respond, it would be greatly appreciated. I've tried googling for information, and I've come up pretty much empty handed.

So my question is should Deaf Studies (Culture/History/Language) be mandatory for public schools to offer in America?

Thank you for your time!