Self Introduction and Educational Questions


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Hello everyone, my name is Taylor. I am a student at Lakeland Community College. I am on my last semester before graduation and I am taking two deaf culture classes. One is about, Issues in the Deaf Community and the other is, Deaf history and culture. We are only half way through the semester, and I have already learned so much about the deaf and about the Deaf community. I highly respect the Deaf community and the individuals apart of it. The Deaf community has wonderful morals and values. I am intrigued to learn more about this amazing community. For my Issues in the Deaf Community class I have been assigned a project and that is to meet and interview two people that come from different educational backgrounds, ask them how they feel about their education, and ask about what their upbringing was like. In one of the books I am reading, "For Hearing People Only" I read that deaf chat rooms have become an easier and more convenient thing for real-time communication. With that, I thought why not find a deaf chatroom so I could interview some people! I am looking forward to meeting everyone! And thank you all for helping me with a school project! :)