Seeking Recommendations: firsthand accounts of educational experiences


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Hi there:wave:

As I've mentioned before, I'm conducting research on Deaf Culture(s) in a global context. A key part of my research is educational experiences of d/Deaf and hoh children.

I've found numerous books and documentaries written/created from the perspective of educators, researchers, parents, and policymakers. However, the voices of the d/Deaf and hoh children are largely absent or underrepresented.

So, I would like to read/watch firsthand accounts of what it is like to be a deaf/HOH student (both at schools for the deaf and "mainstream" schools) to understand the full picture.

I will narrow my regional area of study, but at the moment, any cultural setting is of interest!

Any recommendations...please?
Thank you in advance!!!:)


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its buried so deep by educators themselves
Oh, that is quite unfortunate. Those views are so important. It is surprising to me that my literature review is so one-sided... Although I have read time and time again how "hearing people control deaf education".

I guess they control the discourse on it too... :(


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I know this is an old thread but just in case the OP is still monitoring it...

Alone in the Mainstream by Gina Oliva has her own experiences as a mainstreamed child and she also collected stories from other Deaf/HOH students who were mainstreamed as well.

Amy Signs (upcoming) by Rebecca Willman Gernon and Amy Gernon has a hearing mother/deaf daughter's perspectives on deaf schools and mainstreamed education (Amy went to a residential school for her K-12 education, then went to Gallaudet for undergrad, and a hearing grad school).