SAN FRANCISCO Open-Captioned Performance of West Side Story!

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    Pulled directly from the pages of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the musical takes place on New York's West Side in the mid-1950s amidst widespread racial and social tension. War is building between two rival gangs fighting over the same piece of turf: born and bred New York boys, The Jets, and Puerto Rican immigrants The Sharks. Meanwhile, two young romantics, good-boy Tony, a Jet ready to leave the gang life behind, and wide-eyed Maria, the sister of Sharks leader, Bernardo, unexpectedly meet and fall for one another. Tension between the rival groups only escalates, leading to a bloody and senseless rumble that costs both sides young lives.

    Time: Saturday, November 20, 2010 - 2pm

    Location: The Orpheum Theatre; 1192 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

    Tickets: $50 each for seats in the open-captioned section

    Call 888-SHN-1799 for tickets. Order by fax at 415-581-2121, and include the sow name, number of tickets needed, credit card info, including expiration date ad security code, and your contact information. Tickets are also available in person at the Orpheum Theatre Box Office; Mon-Sat, Noon-6pm.

    Remember to ask for open-captioned seating!

    SAN FRANCISCO Open-Captioned Performance of West Side Story! | Facebook

    West Side Story - SHN San Francisco

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