Safety thread


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Post any and all safety tips. I'll go first. Avoid any downed power lines. They might appear harmless however they may be energized at a voltage that is instantly fatal. Never use a double male cord with a generator. Your powerline workers can be subject to a fatal back-feed. :D


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Never go downstairs in your basement if it's flooded . My sister's husband was going to do this and my sister stopped him and called the fire department . The firemen said they won't go into a flooded basement .


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I knew loads but unable think of any when asked...Web site called rosper tips on there..


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Or sneeze when driving , your eyes close when you sneeze .
Well guess half the population won't be able to drive for that safety tip. Sneezing will happen while driving unfortunately. Fortunately it's only for a brief second. It's nearly impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Dare ya to try it..;)