Rving Lifestyle Thread About Absolutely Nothing!


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Hey some of you may already know that I have RV (Travel Trailer) and I have drove across the country with RV and it was a real blast adventure for my family & Friends and I am doing it again with 2nd and new RV that sleeps 10 people (Bunkhouse) and my RVing style will always befamily and friends... camping with friends is so much better than alone. Thank God I bought Ford Excursion 7.3L powerstroke Diesel which makes it easier to tow and have fun camping.

I decided to create thread for anyone who may have been in RV lifestyle, may share, give feedbacks, etc. For example "Dispersing camping" is something I want learn how its done with respect of others properties and I dont want to step in and piss off somebody.

I also hope to meet any of Deafies and chat on VP sharing secrets and tricks about RV. I have plenty of stories to share, especially Texas adventures, Austin Texas is nice city, seems more of Deaf friendly city as I noticed.