room mates...


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that's real good question.. but depends on kind of situation if it's only crush then blah won't end up into anything more :eek: oh well I wish some1 wud prove me wrong about "crush thingy" blah.. :roll:


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hmm... i have been dating my ex roomie before.. ending up married.. ack.. now divorced :(... it's hard descision... but good experience too :)

what i'm meaning of good experience is what u guys can do if u ended up arguing.. since u live together.. gotta learn this way.

but, yet.. break up- that's so sad and scary .. since u won't know what to expect, been kicked-out or whatever..


I want to bring this old thread alive a little..

I know in my previous posts in this thread I was against dating roomies, but I have recently decided that its a risk I want to take. Why would you limit yourself for fear of not knowing what will happen in the future? Thats what I decided, it is worth the risk. Im a control freak, I like to know what will come of the decisions I make, and with this I really dont know. I think in the end Bill (megladon) and I will learn something, if not a whole lot of things!!

But unfortunately my best friend Lindsey (tinystrawberry) has enough fear about Bill and I to fill whatever it is im not afraid of. :) She almost literally :slap:'ed me! :) Its going to be a big change, wish me luck. :)