RIP Windows XP


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what is that supposed to be? lol, sorry asking as it looks distorted on my screen due to my browser being zoomed in (better to see/read).
RIP Windows XP. It was pretty sad that Windows XP is now a unsupported OS. I already upgraded XP computers to Windows 7. Long live Windows XP!!



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Someone told me that we could upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows XP for free of cost??? true?
Same here, but Vista was improvement from XP - that means you don't have to reformat and re-installation every 3 months, 6 months or year, depending on how much you install apps and usage. I retired XP after reformat about 5 times in one year.
Why you kept reformatting and reinstalling XP? I never have to do it. Make me wonder if you maintain XP computer or not. Poor maintenance will cause PC to run slow.


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Or do odd jobs for friends and they pay me a small amount, and I save the money for the software. In fact, I know of several laptops similar to mine needing the same upgrade.
What about move to Texas? There are a lot of opportunities for you.

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I still have XP but have been running Chrome for a long time. I am presently shopping for a new laptop. Any suggestions?



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Windows 7 is netbook-friendly.

You can upgrade to Windows 7 but need clean installation.
Yeah, I had W7 Home Premium on my Samsung netbook. It came with W7 Starter. I upgraded the memory, then upgraded the OS to Home Premium, using online download.

I also did the same thing for my grandson's HP notebook. Easy.

(This was several years ago.)

As long as the netbook meets the requirements (which can be checked online), there's no problem. It's just a matter of the how much the owner wants to spend.