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Raccoon dog


How did this end up here ??? This about a dog that looks like a raccoon . This is in the wrong thread .

"Despite its uncanny resemblance to raccoons or badgers, the tanuki is indigenous to East Asia and is actually part of the canid family, which includes foxes, wolves and domestic dogs."
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he's very cute...I may have seen one or two at the zoo here but not sure.

my guess he was a human-socialized "pet" who escaped or was left by someone.

I was curious and found this list of intriguing facts about them - including that only Atlanta Zoo has one, so I was incorrect about possibly seeing one at the zoo here.

oh - here's a pic of a white one: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2013/10/18/national/rare-white-raccoon-dog-caught/#.Vqt5PMnOOZS

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