" R " and "Unrated" Movies


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Can you tell me what is different between R and unrate movies? :)


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When a movie is completed, it is reviewed by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America). After it is reviewed, it is released in theaters and/or DVD with the rating attached.

When a movie is released on DVD after being in theaters, they sometimes add things to the movie and it hasn't been reviewed by the MPAA. So, they have no official rating to give it. As a result, it's UNRATED.

It doesn't necessarily mean it's worse than 'R'. It could be, or it is simply the same.


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For example on America Pie Wedding, there is prostitution.

"R" - See boobs
"UNRATED" - See Stiff grab boobs.


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Not necessarily.

I've seen UNRATED movies with less nudity and profanity than R movies. :)

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Unrated versions are like expansions to the movie...with extra features never seen before.


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Oh :ty:

so Better buying unrated dvd right?
Most people would say YES.

I would. I prefer "special edition", "unrated", "director's cut", etc... over regular versions.

Some people don't like unrated versions because they think it's worse than the movie.

My parents would hesitate when buying a DVD that's unrated because they don't know what's on it. When they hear "unrated", they think of movies like There's Something About Mary and Me, Myself, & Irene and American Pie... just hardcore and disgusting.


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I watched "Forgeting Sarah Marshall", that's UNRATED movie because he is showing his private part and nudity. That movie is funny, I laughed so hard.

Well, R-rated is sometimes nudity and bad language or violence, I think almost same as UNRATED but worst or dirty. also UNRATED movie "White Castle 2" has nudity too.

I don't care about either R-rated or UNRATED. Just want to see it because I'm an adult anyway.