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hankpiece said:
The book I read was called Journey Into The Deaf-World. I believe he learned it from the abbe d'Epee, but I could be wrong.
Thank you for replying back & helping along in bringing up the title of the book. Hopefully soon, when I get to a bookstore &/or the library, I will look that up.

Thank you again. :) :thumb:

Anne. :)

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Long ago hard to rember, d'Epee French priest challenged to teach deaf girl by mother, so her child's soul could be saved, looked at the Italian guy from the ?? 1500' s the Spanish model from?? 1600, both of which were monks or clergy, then gathered all the deaf children he could find, the children quickly shared there home signs and agreed on which to use, d'Epee codified and gave French structure Clerc was his prize student took d'Epee' s place after his death? I think, there's books on this, but my point is when they started in America used same model, Martha's Vineyard large deaf population is another story, just to say that the deaf had a hand ✋ in the development, sorry tried to keep it short and we won't even talk about the oral meathod, thanks Germany not


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Also it's because ASL wasn't derived from English. It was actually derived from French Sign Language and that's where a lot of the grammar and syntax comes from.
Yes! If someone that knew ASL would be able to follow FSL at least a little bit.