Provisions for deaf children in school - differences?


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This is just something I'm interested in rather than seeking any answer, but I'm just curious about what other countries provided for their deaf students in schools.

Myself? I attended a mainstream school, and throughout my school life I had a learning assistant who assisted me with my hearing aids when I was young. From the age of 5, I was given an FM Radio system so that I was able to hear the teacher more clearly, and was using analogue HAs around this time as well. My speech was somewhat delayed though, so I also had a speech therapist who came into the school on a regular basis in order to check up on how I was doing, and to assist in making sure I was able to speak properly - I had many problems with vowel sounds, and some consonants as well.

When I was around 12, I was given digital HAs, and found that I gradually didn't need the FM radio system as much. As I got older, I also didn't need an assistant to constantly help with caring for my HAs as I was able to do this myself in the end, but I did have someone monitor the equipment to be certain it worked okay.

During secondary school, I was also given extra time for exams (a total of 25%) as they believed I had difficulty with understanding questions. And, indeed, this was the case for some of the time, with it taking me longer to process and understand the questions sometimes, but again, with age, it lessened. However, I continued to receive 25% extra time for every exam as a precautionary measure - even for written exams. This is probably the topic I'm most curious about though, as I found a thread regarding extra time for exams which revealed that generally speaking this was not granted for deaf students. I'm still not sure why I was given this for the duration of my education (in fact, even at university I still receive this), aside from perhaps the fact that they give this extra time to anyone with a disability in the UK these days. I usually don't actually need this extra time at all though, and so now it is entirely optional for me to take it.

So - did anyone here have the same experience as me, particularly around exam time? Nowadays I actually require a laptop as well, but that is for an additional reason to just being deaf (I have a muscle problem in my writing arm which makes writing for long periods of time by hand now extremely painful, with my handwriting also being affected).