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So as some of you know, I am new to my hearing loss. Im a server at a resturant, so communicating with people is my job, but I often getting rude comments from my customers. Which I do not let bother me. My fellow employees seemed to be understanding, then I discovered that they were making jokes about me and writing 'nicknames' under my name on the schedule. It was reported to my boss, they ensured me theyd look into who was doing this. A few weeks later my boss tells me the higher ups dropped the case. What should I do? No one else will hire me because of all my doctor visits and surgeries.


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Anytime you see the written ''nicknames" try to snap a picture of it with your cell phone. About all I can think of. If there is a Boss above the boss, go higher to lodge a complaint if you can.

They probably dropped it because betting the employees lied about putting nicknames under your name on the schedule. "I didn't do that!".


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I imagine that this would fall under workplace harassment. Especially if this is based off an ADA covered disability. I would contact the higher ups and ask them exactly why this was dropped. Was it dropped because they didn't think it was important enough to pursue, or if they dropped it because there was no ability for them to identify who did it.

As for finding another job...that may end up being difficult. FMLA won't kick in for 1 year, so you won't be able to use that as a source of protection. Some jobs are really good about people that are HoH. I know that our local target employs some d/Deaf and hoh people. You might need to do some research and find out another job that may be best for you. From what I understand from friends, the management at most restaurants is typically pretty shitty.


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Oddly, I read this post right as I was getting ready to do my hospital's education policy on hiring practices to accommodate the d/Deaf and hoh.
Hey, sorry you're experiencing this garbage. Tip your head on high, you got a fan in this homeboy. Been there, done that. But you a badass :)

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