Problem with Deaf Doorbell ????


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Hi , I have the NuTone Wireless Doorbell Strobe/Chime with Button. The battery on there just went dead. I took the battery out but I can not find batteries of this kind in my area. Do you know where to get these small batteries please ? The battery is A23S 12 volts



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Those are hard to find batteries. I believe they been discontinued. You may want to talk to the manufacturer about getting substitute batteries.

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Did you try radio shack for the batteries? If they didnt have it I would ask whoever you bought it from or just go online and find the batteries. Sometimes places like home depot, or lowes will have batteries for things like that.


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im suprised it's not a AA or a AAA sho a pic of the battary so i can see what t look like when im looking. also ave you tryed that battary sponser that the fourm has?