Price tag vs. no price tag....


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I normally don't care who does price tag and who bypass price tags as long as I get good deals. That is still my motto. Just get the good deal regardless of price. I have heard that it upsets some buyers. You see, I would go to one booth and ask price. I may get told $50. Then later, you go to the same booth. You ask for price and get quoted $35 for the same thing. Does anyone feel like dealers may play favorites if they don't price their items? Then again, if items had price tags, they may have been sold before I get there. I sometimes am happy when dealers don't price their items because it weeds out people who don't want to ask prices.

As some of you may know, I did garage sale last weekend. I worked to price my items. It kind of made me upset that other sellers didn't price my items. It made me think "I better sell more than the person that didn't bother to price their items". There is something said about those that works hard preparing their table and booth. I think that reflects on buyers.

So what do you think of price tags or no price tags?


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I avoid items without price tag... (unless it's the last one or I really need it)
Because the price tag means I need to barter or be hassled by the salesperson. When there is a price tag I can compare prices easily so I know if it is expensive or fair price.

My opinion is, if you're not going to put a price on it, at least put a tag on it that says "ask for price" for general etiquette.