Premium Membership (Paid Subscriptions)

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As a registered member, you can purchase an optional subscription package to get access to forum perks and optional features. See below for details ('reg' means regular members).

Premium Membership
  • 1,000 Private Messages (reg. 100)
  • 500x500 Profile Picture (reg. 150x150)
  • 135x135 Avatar (reg. 120x120)
  • Animated Signature, Yes (reg. no)
  • Custom User Title, Yes (reg. no)
  • 1,500 Album Pictures (reg. 500)
  • title to let others know you are a site supporter :thumb:

If you're interested in purchasing a subscription, please visit your User CP and click on 'Paid Subscriptions', or click here: Paid Subscriptions

As always, the majority of the subscription money will go towards server fees, bandwidth and software upgrades, and the rest will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (thread).
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