post your WaCkiEsT pic


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Originally posted by bbnt
is that from a Miss Rohde Island contest??
yes, that was right after Miss Deaf Teen Rhode Island, and i WON! yippy for me. ((you never rest for a break on this, do you?))


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My Wackiest Moment...

Kewl threat!

Here's a pic of myself as a kid, dressed in an Ukrainan theatrical costume (Yes, I'm half-Ukrainan on my mother's side. I took the costume from my beloved Great-Grandmother's attic and insisted that my now-deceased Grandfather take a pic. I pulled the old stocking over my head for laughs.)

I know - why did I wear PINK? Back in the '80's, it was considered "radical" for guys to wear pink. (I know, that was stupid... :ugh: )

Anyway, without further ado, here's the moronic pic of myself cuttin' loose...



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Originally posted by illustrator
that face... look like monkey from "Ape of the Planet" :shock:
:laugh2: :laugh2:

I hope my face didn't get stuck to this day after pullin' the too-snug, used (yet washed - like about 10 years earlier, enchanced with the Esscence De Le MothBallisque) stocking over my head... :shock:
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i don't wear like that.. Never had been wear "WERID" clothes like that.... :eek: By the way..., i'm wear 2 clothes like criminal :-D


this isn't really *wacky* but one of the costumes I had for Halloween in college.


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Originally posted by kuifje75
this isn't really *wacky* but one of the costumes I had for Halloween in college.
I stopped wearing costumes a long time ago. I will be wearing a costume soon for a banquet that I am going to this week.