Post your gas prices Part II


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Gas prices has been the same here too.. No significant changes.

They will switch to winter blend soon.

Jane B.

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$2.09? dang. $2.34 here.
How far apart is your location and Reba's? This reminds me of the fact that were I am in So. Illinois and St. Louis, Mo are close enough together that it is not unusual to be going into St. Louis anyway. Then, because of the difference in gas tax, plan on getting gas on the way home to save a bit.

Jane B.

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IDK the exact distance, but I'm in central Illinois and Reba is in S.C. Illinois has crazy taxes. Very disturbing!
Don't they though! Are you close enough to the state line to do what people here do (going into St. Louis, Mo for something and getting gas on the way back to Illinois) but involving different communities than down here?


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Wednesday gas tax in California goes up $.12.
Gas went up .12, diesel went up .20 + .05 for cap and trade, so here comes inflation once the truckers and middlemen each double it and pass it on to the consumers. One stations diesel went up .44 cents overnight, so I guess even the station owners are going to make a profit on the tax increase.