Portable DVD Player...HELP!


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I need to get a Portable DVD Player in order to watch my ASL study videos on-the-go. I do not want to spend more than $100.00. Top quality please. Any one I should consider?



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Actually I am thinking about this [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Sony-DVP-FX820-8-Inch-Portable-Player/dp/B00139R1TA/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1227342098&sr=8-1"]one[/ame] ($100 or so).



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Sony... a good brand.

I have an Audiovox with a 7" display.

[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Audiovox-D1708-7-Inch-Portable-Player/dp/B0002ARNKI]Amazon.com: Audiovox D1708 7-Inch Portable DVD Player: Electronics[/ame]

I've been using it very heavily since I got it in April 2006. It still works very well. I even like the credit-card sized remote. ;)


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I have made my choice! It will be the Sony posted above. It actually cost's $138 in a local wholesale house. I am buying it this week. :)


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My new goodie: the SONY DVP-FX811K PORTABLE DVD PLAYER w/8" SWIVEL LCD. I came with a remote, tote bag, and headphones too! All of it for $96!!

This pic is w/o the extra stuff:



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Neat! Simple is better, no need fancy stuff tho.

I have 7" dual screen DVD player w/ remote control and 12vdc cig lighter jack and 120v power adapter (that hangs on back of the headrests of the seat) One of the screen have DVD player built in and other is just a monitor.. Both have built in prop for table and it is very flexible, Can either play one DVD for two screens, Stand alone DVD moive play while Monitor used for PS2, XBox, or any gaming console or 2nd DVD player attach to it, or play PS2, XBox ect game on both screen (two players, one game). It sure kept my kids happy during long trip!!

I bought it from Circuit city cheap for $125 last summer cuz my Durango's built in ceiling mount Rosen Entertainment center broke just a year after I bought the truck. warranty expired and it's just the ribbon cable got broken from excessive flexing (opening and closing monitor fequently by kids). Rosen Ent. co refuse to sell me damn ribbon cable which is a speciality made and they want me to send it to shop and have it fixed and would cost me $150 to $300, not worth it!! I found out that Rosen Ent. center is a lemon!! while the store brand (any) ceiling mount entertainment center have better design that cables inside of it from monitor to DVD go around the hinge which flexes little and last forever comparing to Rosen Ent.'s DVD player that have thin copper colored ribbon directly from DVD to monitor and opening and closing can wear it out quickly (that's how they make money fixing customer's crap).



My portable dvd player is broke....it is only 5 years old. So I will buy same model but it is no longer the company. But I am look for the muiltpie langauge (english, subtitles and etc). I hope it will be under $100.? Any idea where can I find?

Thank you.