Phonak Roger Pen vs Phonak Roger Select

Does anyone who has the Roger Pen use it interview style to point it at someone? This is the only reason that stands apart from the Select. You can't point the Select interview style. It has to be on a table.

The only reason I think the Pen would be great would be if someone comes up to me for a brief talk in a noisy environment where their voice might be softer and difficult to hear what they are saying even up close. It might be helpful when ordering or talking across a counter for something due to a noisy environment, but I don't know how well that would go. Phonak has a video like everything's so natural and no one questions you pointing the pen at someone lol...Anyone done the interview style by pointing the pen? Do you like it? Does it help?

I am reading that the Select might have better clarity. It has 6 microphones which might be the reason for extra clarity, but at this point in my life I don't do a lot of group settings often. Still the Select seems like a neat thing to have handy over the Pen for the group settings. The Select should have had a microphone at the top, so when the HA or CI wearer wears it around their neck on their chest, the person speaking to them up close can speak and you can hear them without pointing a pen and no one questions much. Why didn't they think of that?!


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I have both. Got one with each CI's kit. I did use the pen in interview mode - holding it towards people. If they question you (either vocally or how they look at you), just tell them it helps you hear better.

Regarding the Select, I have used it to talk to a single person, just activate one mic and point it towards the person. if you or the speaker wear the Select on the lanyard, only the mic facing their chin will be active, so it works the same way as the Pen in that regard.

The Select has 6 mics, but you can limit how many are active, even when it's laying on the table, by tapping above the mics you want to use. I usually only activate the mics facing the people at my table that I want to talk to.
Thanks for your input. When you say point the Select towards the person, do you hold it in your hand towards the person or face the Select mic on the table towards the person you want to hear?

If you had to choose one, which one would you choose and why?


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If at a table, I have the activated mic towards the person, but when standing around I hold the select in my palm with activated mic towards the person. I think I prefer the Select - for being able to select which mics pick up the sounds. I don't use it a lot, but it's nice to have in difficult hearing situations.