Philadelphia Cop To Get Sex Change


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A First For The Department

PHILADELPHIA -- A Philadelphia police officer is breaking barriers. The officer has notified his superiors that he plans to have a sex change.

Ever since this officer was a little boy, he says he knew he should have been born a girl.

Now at the age of 57, Hiladio Gonzalez has shocked the police department and colleagues who have known him as a man.

Now he wants to be known and called Maria.

"Some people will be totally disgusted," Gonzalez told NBC 10's Vince DeMentri.

"I'm not there to change their decision," Gonzalez said. "I'm there, I presented myself. This is who I am. And the only thing I ask is, don't physically hurt me."

Gonzalez didn't want her face shown. Other than that, this 57-year-old is open about this life and career upheaval.

She's been a cop for 36 years. Gonzalez showed DeMentri two rooms in her house.

One was her male room, as in gender. The other was Maria's closet.

Gonzalez wears nail polish, wigs and is taking hormones, pills and injections as she prepares to undergo a sex change operation in just under a year.

Gonzalez works as a pistol instructor in the police academy. She says the department is very supportive as she made the decision to come out to her colleagues.

And Gonzalez disagrees that coming out could be seen as an embarrassment.

When asked by DeMentri why she waited until three and a half years until retirement to tell people about her decision, Gonzales said, "I tried. I was just really tense, upset. And it was, it was the worst (feeling) I ever had in my life."

Gonzalez says that she will now begin wearing makeup and other female accessories gradually.

In fact, Wednesday was the first day that she went to the academy and wanted to be called Maria.

Officially, the police department has no comment. However, police sources told DeMentri that Maria's case is presenting a huge problem simply because there's no policy or protocol on how to treat transsexuals in the department.


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wow thats amazing!!! im supportive of his/her decision and shes brave to come out to the department and let her superiors know of her sex change