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    Pet Food information, manufacturers, products, ingredients

    Brands/Companies A - H

    9Lives See Del Monte Pet Products

    Abady Dog Food Company, Ltd. (verified with company president 3/28/07)

    No products made by Menu Foods
    Products do not contain wheat gluten
    All ingredients are from US suppliers
    Most products are manufactured in their own facility
    Food that is outsourced is manufactured with Abady formulas
    All American Pet Company (verified by company 3/30/07)
    Brands Include Bow Wow Breakfast, Chompions, Barkfast Squares, and Chewa-Bunga
    No products made by Menu Foods (never have used them)
    Manufacturer is CJ Foods
    All ingredients are from US suppliers
    No products contain wheat gluten
    Artemis - Holistic Pet Food (information providedby company 3/26/07, updated 4/11/07)
    No products made by Menu Foods.
    Cans are manufactured by Evanger’s in Wheeling, IL
    All ingredients are from the USA except New Zealand lamb.
    They test every batch and submit a sample to the USDA for testing.
    Test for proximates, salmonella, bacteria.
    No wheat corn, soy, or wheat gluten is used in their products
    Aunt Jeni's (Home Made 4 Life) (verified by company 3/22/07)
    They make all their own food (no outsourcing)
    No wheat products of any kind
    Azmira Holistic Animal Care Products (verified by company 3/26/07)
    Manufacturer of canned foods is "proprietary information" but they are not involved in recall.
    Only supplies/ingredients that do not come from the US are lamb from New Zealand, and sea meal from Scotland.
    Back to Basics (verified by company 3/30/07)
    No products made by Menu Foods (have never used Menu)
    Manufactured by Chenango Valley Pet Foods in Sherburne, NY, a USDA inspected Facility
    No wheat, soy, gluten products of any kind, sugar, fillers or byproducts
    No Chemicals or Artificial Preservatives
    All human-grade ingredients
    All ingredients are from US suppliers - suppliers do not outsource for their ingredients
    Rigorous testing is performed due to finished product export to other countries.
    Manufacturer of Back to Basics is not amongst the dry foods being investigated for possible melamine contamination
    Bench and Field (info provided by company 4/03/07)

    Only brand is Bench & Field Products
    We do not use Menu Foods
    Manufacturer is Eagle Products in Mishawaka, IN
    Ingredients are from the US
    We use corn gluten (from the US) no wheat gluten
    Bil-Jac (verified via website 3/27/07)

    No products made by Menu Foods
    All grains used in Bil-Jac products are grown and harvested domestically.
    Blackwood Pet Food (verified by company 3/28/07)
    Brands include Adirondack and Blackwood
    No products made by Menu Foods
    Foods manufactured by Ohio Pet Foods and Evangers
    No wheat gluten is used in their products
    All domestic ingredients except for lamb from New Zealand
    Blue Buffalo (verified by company 3/27/07)
    Brands include BLUE for dogs, and Spa Select for Cats
    No products made by Menu Foods (have never used Menu)
    Products do not contain wheat gluten, soy, or corn
    All ingredients from US except lamb from New Zealand
    They do not manufacture food in their own facility. Manufacturer is confidential but they have their own vets and staff on location at all times and ingredients are tested before and after each run.
    Blue Seal (verified by company 4/03/07)
    Brands include Blue Seal, Bright Life, By Nature, Life Stages
    Menu Foods manufactures Blue Seal - The Loaf Style wet, but it is not involved in the recall. Menu Foods is not used for any of their other products.
    Products are made at facilities owned and operated by Blue Seal Feeds, Inc.
    Dry pet foods do not contain any of the suspect ingredient. . ."wheat Gluten".
    Some of their baked dog biscuits/treats do contain wheat gluten. Supplier is a U.S. company based in Michigan. Wheat gluten is used generally as a dough conditioner and is included in very small amounts.
    By Nature brand of dry, canned and pouch pet foods, both natural and organic, do not contain any wheat products. Canine Whites dog biscuits/treats do contain some wheat gluten, but from the same Michigan supplier as Blue Seal branded biscuits/treats.
    Bravo Raw Diet (information provided by company partner 4/13/07)

    Bravo is their only brand.
    Bravo is manufactured in our own USDA human food processing facility.
    All of our products are from the US except our lamb, venison and beef which are imported from New Zealand and Australia.
    Bravo is grain free and gluten free.
    Our products are made exclusively from human grade meat, bones and vegetables.
    Bravo is an individually owned company. (no parent company).
    Breeder's Choice (information provided by company 4/06/07)

    Brands include Active Care, Advanced Pet Diets Select Choice, AvoDerm Select Cuts, Health Food for Dogs, Pinnacle
    None of our products are affected or recalled.
    Canned manufactured by Menu Foods, and American Nutrition
    The 5.5 oz canned cat AvoDerm Natural and Pinnacle is from Menu.
    The Pinnacle canned dog food has 3 formulas, only one is made at Menu. It is the the chicken formula.
    The only product that contains wheat gluten is Active Care cat treats (healthy joint treats). The wheat gluten is from
    a source in the United States.
    We use ingredients from United States sources, except for New Zealand Lamb.
    Burns Pet Health, Inc. (verified by company VP 4/3/07)

    All products are wheat and corn gluten free.
    All food ingredients are from the USA.
    Manufactured by CJ Foods in Pawnee City, NE
    Burns Pet Health, Inc. is it's own entity - not owned by another company.
    Sister company is Land of Holistic Pets in the UK
    Canidae (verified by company 3/28/07)

    Brands include Canidae and Felidae
    No products made by Menu Foods
    All ingredients are grown in the US and are also processed here.
    No wheat gluten is used in their products.
    All products are free of corn, wheat, soy and all grain fractions
    Canine Caviar (information provided by company 4/2/07 with additions 4/06/07)
    No products made by Menu Foods
    Manufacturer is Pied Piper
    Products contain no wheat or corn
    Ingredients are inspected by USDA and approved for human consumption.
    All ingredients (except lamb) are consistently sourced from U.S. companies and farms.
    Lamb is from New Zealand and raised in a free-range environment
    “All our products (except cat food which has corn gluten meal in it, which we maybe changing) are gluten free.”
    There is no corn, wheat or soy in our products.
    For more info on their ingredients, see the Canine Caviar website.
    Kibble is manufactured at a private plant in Texas
    Canine Caviar is a family owned business
    Castor & Pollux Pet Works (verified via website 3/23/07)
    Brands include Organix & Ultramix
    Wet foods made by Menu Foods but not involved in the recall.
    The wheat gluten product in tainted foods is not used in their foods.
    Cesar See Mars Pet Food

    Champion Petfoods, Ltd. (verified by company 3/25/07)

    Brands include Origen and Acana
    Own and operate their own production facilities in Morinville, Alberta, Canada
    They make their own foods exclusively - their mandate is to produce world-class foods from fresh regional ingredients. That means almost all of their ingredients (over 90% for ORIJEN) are raised, fished or farmed within western Canada.
    Only imported ingredients are lamb from New Zealand and rice from California - these are used in their ACANA brand foods.
    They do not, and never have, had their brands produced or co-packed by any other pet food producer.
    They do not use glutens or other vegetable proteins in any of their foods.
    ORIJEN and ACANA foods are not on any recall list.
    Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul See Diamond Pet Foods

    Cloud Star (information provided by company 4/4/07)

    Brands include Buddy Biscuits, Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits, Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits, Organic Buddy Biscuits, Cloud Star Holistic Baked Kibble.
    We have no association with Menu Foods, nor do we have an association with any of the products that they manufacture for other companies.
    Cloud Star is the manufacturer of all our food/biscuit products.
    All ingredients are US sources.
    Products are gluten free except for our Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits, which do contain wheat gluten of a US source.
    They do not get wheat gluten from ChemNutra
    Cloud Star Corp is a privately held corporation. (no parent company)
    Cycle See Del Monte Pet Products

    Dad's Pet Food (info. provided by company 4/03/07)

    DAD’S Dog Foods, DAD’S Cat Foods, Kibble Select Complete, Better Than Ears Dog Snacks, Nut-tastics Dog Snacks, Guilt Free Dog Snacks, Canine Combos, Doggie Duets, Kibbles Nuggets & Nibbles.
    None of our products are manufactured by Menu Foods.
    All of our products are manufactured by us.
    All of our dry dog and cat food ingredients are from the US. The vast majority of our ingredients for treats are from the US.
    All of our dry dog and cat foods are wheat gluten free. A couple of our dog treats contain wheat gluten—an ingredient very common to the human food supply as well.
    We do not source wheat gluten from ChemNutra.
    Del Monte Pet Products (verified by company)
    Brands include Cycle, Kibbles 'n Bits, MeowMix, Nature's Recipe, Reward, Skippy, 9Lives
    No products made by Menu Foods
    Diamond Pet Foods (verified by company 3/28/07)
    Brands include Diamond, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, Nutra Nuggets, Premium Edge, Professional Pet Food
    No products made by Menu Foods
    All foods contain US and Canadian ingredients
    Manufacture their own dry food
    Canned foods made by American Nutrition
    Dogswell (verified by company 4/03/07)
    Brands include Dogswell, Catswell, Happy Hips, Breathies, Vitality, Mellow Mut and Happy Heart
    No products are made by Menu Foods and they have no affiliation with any of the facilities involved in the recall.
    No products contain wheat gluten
    Products are hormone free, antibiotic free, and cage free.
    Drs. Foster & Smith Products (verified by company 3/29/07)
    Wet foods made by Menu Foods but not involved in the recall.
    Dry foods manufactured by Chenango Valley Foods
    All grain and meat products are from the US
    No wheat gluten is used in the products manufactured at Menu
    Dynamite Specialty Products (information provided by company 4/06/07)

    Brands include Dynamite Super Premium Diet for Dogs and Dynamite Canned Turkey for Cats (only one variety of each)
    Menu foods does not manufacture their products
    All ingredients are guaranteed U.S. ingredients
    Corn and wheat-free, and free of wheat gluten
    Eagle Pack (verified by company 4/03/07)

    Brands include Eagle Pack Holistic Select, Eagle Pack Super Premium, Hy-Ration, Prism
    Loaf style canned food is made by Menu Foods to their unique formulas, but not part of the recall.
    They do not use any "ingredients that are common to the recalled product."
    Products contain no wheat gluten.
    No ingredients from China
    Duck Meal is from Europe and is EU Certified.
    Anchovy and Sardine from the Humboldt Current area, Salmon from the Pacific Ocean.
    Only non US ingredient is lamb meat imported from New Zealand and/or Australia.
    Onsite lab tests incoming ingredients and finished food
    USDA/APHIS inspected and EU approved
    Evangers (verified by company 3/28/07)
    No products made by Menu Foods
    No products contain wheat gluten, fillers, or preservatives
    They're a privately owned company that manufactures their own food as well as manufacturing food for other private labels.
    All ingredients domestic except for New Zealand or Australian lamb, on request.
    Evolve Pet Food
    Brands include Evolve, Hi-Tor, Pet Gold, and Triumph
    Please Note: Numerous attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful. One phone number works but is a recording saying they are not part of the recall. Another number is not in working order. Emails have been returned as undeliverable.

    Fancy Feast

    Flint River Ranch (verified by company 3/27/07)

    No products made by Menu Foods
    Manufacture their own foods with US suppliers
    No products contain wheat gluten

    Fromm Family Foods (verified via website 3/25/07)

    Canned foods are NOT made by Menu Foods.
    Canned foods made in China.
    Foods produced in a human food plant without wheat gluten or other grains.
    Canned food made with 100% pure meat, duck, chicken & fish, NOT reformed meat.
    No by-products used in their dog and cat foods.
    Fromm Family Foods does not test on animals.
    Products are all-natural. Products made with binders to make reformed meat and products which use wheat gluten are NOT considered all-natural by their standards.
    Go! Natural (Petcurean Pet Nutrition) (verified by company 3/31/07)
    Menu Foods manufactures wet food but are not involved in the recall
    Dry foods manufactured at various Canadian Mills
    No products contain wheat gluten
    Grandma Lucy's (information provided by company 4/11/07)

    Brands include Grandma Lucy's and Bella Lucy
    We manufacture all of our products here in our Irvine, CA facility
    All of our ingredients are from the United States.
    Products do not contain wheat gluten.
    Grandma Lucy's is an independently owned company. (no parent company)
    Great Life (verified by company 3/29/07)

    Their only brand is Great Life
    No products made by Menu Foods (have never used them)
    No product contain wheat gluten
    All ingredients are organic and come from the US
    They do not manufacture their own food. Name of manufacturer is confidential.
    Halo (verified by company 3/31/07)
    No products made by Menu Foods
    Products manufactured in a USDA kitchen using human grade ingredients
    All products are made in the USA using only ingredients from the USA
    Happy Dog Food (information profided by company owner 4/06/07)

    Only brand is Happy Dog Food
    All of our materials/ingredients are purchased from US food brokers/vendors.
    Food is manufactured by Happy Dog Food
    We use brown rice, barley and oats in some of our recipes
    Products do not contain wheat gluten.
    Healthy Pet Products (verified by company 3/23/07)

    Manufactures all products in-house.
    Holistic Blend (info provided by company rep. and website 4/03/07)
    Products contain human grade ingredients
    Certified Organic Ingredients
    Formulated to exceed AAFCO standards
    Animals are not used for product testing
    All Holistic Blend products are made in Canada.
    We do not use wheat gluten in any of our formulas, nor is it present in our plant facility/property.
    All ingredients at our plants originate in Canada with the exception of Lamb Meal from New Zealand/Australia.
    Canned foods are not involved in the Menu Foods recall.
    Holistic Blend ingredients are third party tested for quality assurance.
    Homestyle Select (verified via website 3/24/07)
    All foods are manufactured in their own plant in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.
    Their foods contain none of the suspect ingredients in the recall.
    (The) Honest Kitchen (verified by company 3/28/07)

    No products made by Menu Foods.
    Food is contracted to company manufactures human food. The Honest Kitchen is the only pet food they manufacture.
    All ingredients are human grade and domestic
    Products to not contain wheat gluten, soy or corn
    Links to their websites have been provided when possible.
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    Wow! Thank you so much for the list.

    It is just sick, all of this. I lost my 18 year old to kidney failure due to Frontline Flea Treatment (she was perfectly healthy before the application then started vomiting blood the next morning).

    Our new little one (only 5) had to have an eye removed due to cancer from God knows what.

    I don't trust food/pet products anymore.

    Do you know anything about Addiction Pet Foods? I believe they are a New Zealand Company. It is scary how many companies are tied to Menu, Diamon and American that have all had so many problems. We need some regulation in this industry!!
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    In the country we made pet food. Probably not good to do today.
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    Pacific Northwest
    I buy Orijen for my ferret... It's listed as "Origen" on the list for some reason.

    Buy Canadian... buy Albertan. ;)

    It's the best dry kibbles you can buy on the market anyway since there's no grain or meat byproducts. EXPENSIVE though, but you do get what you pay for.
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    My own private Idaho
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    Ontario, Canada
    We feed our dogs Purina Puppy Chow.
  7. dogmom

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    I do not use processed food, no kibble or cans. Feed raw-
  8. sara1981

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    North Little Rock,Ar
    im rather not get cheaper pet food from dollar store!!

    i told my mom about pet food same purnia that would be FINE!! same cat and dog food include with purnia brand i learn doctor from vet in Cabot explain to me i understand to say..Not another non-purnia PEROID!

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