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yeah that happens alot ... people who speak without thinking it out first :D buwa ha ha.

TPBM: 70's , 80's or 90's child?
Your dad was stationed at a Marine base near Iwakuni Japan .I knew that place in Iwakuni . I live in Nagoya city .

I never gone scuba diving or snorkeling.
I was born in Okinawa island . Do you know about
I used to, my father is a historian lover and one summer he took us all over Britain. Did you know that there is a city named Bath? Ironically, the Great Bath isn't safe e.e

Tpbm bath, hot spring, or shower?


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Spontaneity feeds my soul, swear to god.

TPBM Any private dance routines if done in public is worthy of getting arrested over?
When I was about 20 or 21, I went to a rave dance once that went wild at times.

TPBM: Ever done skinny dip in public or secluded area?

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