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Nope... though I don't know if my BIL and/or niece had any reptiles when they lived in FL...

tpbm- how many e mail addresses do you have? (work email counts)
Well let's see... 3 personal (2 computer (general - ie: junks, spams etc and personal for family and bills) and one for my phone) and 1 at work plus my workgroup also have group email to access and communicate with customers.

TPBM: Do you own PO Box address?


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No I don't own any domain or websites.

TPBM: What was your first computer? Mine was IBM Computer (I believe 286)... yup booting up wtih floppy disk. ;)
Okay, here is what I recall. It was a HP with Win95 and 512RAM max.

To you down below: What would you do for Klondike bar?


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In October I’m doing a bunch of haunted hayrides and houses, among other things. I suppose pumpkins will be in ample supply.

TPBM, do you like TV reruns?
I don't mind for old show reruns depends on what show it airs.

TPBM: Favorite thing about autumn?
The Aussies figured it out:

TPBM. Did the henchmen employed by the villians in the older Bond movies ever get days off? What did they do? Catch a ferry in from the hollowed out volcano and spend the weekend chatting up ladies in the bar? "Yeah, I'm a henchman out at Bloefeld's place. Sweet gig." Or did the just stay on these private islands all the time?

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