*part 2* pictures of children/child



SherryCherish, LakeTahoe, & Galaxyangel, Oh my!!! You kids are sooo adorable!! They have grow up so fast...

Kids are so precious!!


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LakeTahoe, your son look cute with a nice smile. I am sure when he get older, all the girls will wooing at him. lol

Pah my son got his pictures today. So it turned out really cute! For last 2 years at Pre-school he won't smile. I told him please smile for mommy's sake! LOL! I am glad he did! Scanner may be jinxed cuz of the color. Oh well!



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GA, your kids look great with you. They both got blue eyes like you too. ;)

My daughter and I

My little son and I

My older son was dispearing and gone to his friend's place... One day I will take picture of him and I... :)


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Sherry , your children are very cute and happy babies as well. Thanks for sharing them.


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thanks everyone.

ur son is so cute. LakeTahoe

Galaxy! wow ur kids surely grow up than i see last time in the pix. Ur hair look great!


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Awwwww great kids you guys have! I will post pics of my kids soon!

LakeTahoe.. aww your son is so cute!

GA, good pixs of you with your kids. Your daughter definely looks like you alot! :)

SherryCherish, your son is sooo cute and your daughter is so aborable! :hug:

Cooliefroggie, awwww I know you miss your son.. hope you get to see your son again soon for the holidays. Btw.. you guys r so cute!



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Another picture....my son asked me to take him to see Santa so we went to the mall, after we had our eye exams. He was so good boy! So I took him to see Santa. He went up to him with no problem. ;)

It is ok picture but I will try it again at different mall at another time. :)