Hello everyone,good evening ;)

what do you think about paleo conform food ?
last year i got book from us, dr. med. william davis(american from milwaukee) , i think in englisch called wheat belly, total health, here in germany calls Weizenwampe. its related to paleo food.

It´s very bothersome, if healthy food like wheat too much manipulated, or contaminated with pesticid. According to doctor, because of them, we have a lot of illness. well, we can see that. After that i read a lot about that, and want to try out ;) No, not as diet, i want eat paleo on long term. otherwise it´s would be not efficient...

It very difficult to manage to eat complety without pizza or bread, or sweets. Are someone here who do it ? i would try it, yes, im aware i cannot suddenly 100% eat without wheats, but i want eat with awareness and the enviroment can not suffer as well ( eat only regional food, for example.) and of course my body change :D ( yay slimming up! :D )