Palantypist for court


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Hi,I have posted here about my situation of ex and family court and you were all very helpful.
Hoping someone can advise me on what to with this current issue.
I am partially deaf both ears since birth, deafness runs on my mum's side. Always had hearing aids growing up, never learned sign but as an adult I want to learn. I never ever want to wear aids again, I prefer without. Not worn any for few years as lost one and broke other.
Problem got now is a family court judge has said I need to get hearing aids to wear for hearings. Its ridiculous as had numerous judges in these proceedings but last judge had issue.
I usually have domestic abuse support worker by my side taking notes for me as I do not hear what judge, solicitors or ex saying.
I have asked for a palantypist which which I have been told would need to provide court with evidence as to why cannot wear aids for such to be allowed. Legal aid would be paying for it too and its very expensive if they allow.

I don't know what to do.
I do know I need to stand up for myself though because no one is forcing me wear aids, don't care if its court professionals either. I think it's highly unfair.
Is it discrimination? What rights do I have in regards to this and how can I stop them pressuring me?
This is just not what I needed, already stressed enough.