Painful hardshell mold


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Has anyone ever used an emery board/nail file to make a hardshell ear mold more comfortable? My current model used to be a softshell but with the newer version, they switched to a hardshell. It's easier to change the wax guards but it's painful on the ear. I've already been to the audi to shave it down but it's still painful and I dearly don't want to have to keep going back and forth.


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Needs to be remade or modified. Rule #1 of earmolds: Earmolds should never be painful. If they did a digital image have them an impression mold and see if that is more comfortable. Good luck.


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Oh, yeah. My mother used to do that to my full hardshell earmolds all the time when I was a kid. It helped a bit, but it was a very short term. I am not a fan of hardshell earmolds. They bleed like waterfall. When my mother oversanded it, it produced feedback. So, she used cushion grip all over my earmolds to prevent feedback. Yeah, cushion grip is used for denture. Hardshell earmolds are not worth it for me. I prefer soft earmolds.


soft earmolds is comfortable. when it getting kinda worn out little bit after months then I will have stop audiologist office to make me new one. It cost me for replacement.